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liquors isn't as easy as it used to be. >> and they killed my boss, you know, and they're still out there running around. that's not justice. >> reporter: his boss, 57-year- old kang was shot. police are still looking for the suspects. >> it angers me. it frustrates me. it upsets is me. kang was like my second dad. >> reporter: kang's wife says it's a struggle every day to walk into the store. and knowing the kill canners are still out there despite surveillance video makes it even harder. amos is trying to up the reward money being offered. joseph represents the korean grocers and beverage association who recently put up $2,000, raising the total reward to four grand. >> we lost a good man. he was working hard for his family and his wife and son. >> reporter: the employees started this petition right after the robbery to get more cameras and security in this shopping plaza. so far, they have collected more than a thousand signatures. >> you needed something? he was there for you, no questions asked. >> reporter: chris harris quit his full-time job and came back to work at the liquo
. word of a $29,000 ben us for the baltimore city schools chief is drawing fire from parents, teachers an union leaders. but tonight the chairman of the school board is defending the bonus. he says the money is for dr. alonso's imprufrments if the school system that occurred under his leadership. >>> it's no bail for the two taej charged in the racially motivated beating of a 76-year-old man. emanuel miller and zachary watson were arrested yesterday. 28-year-old calvin lockner is being held without bail. mr. privott was see veerl beaten while fishing with his wife. the taens face charges including first degree murder. >>> the man who escaped from a howard county sheriff's deputy is back in custody tonight. u.s. marshals found 20-year-old devon champagne of jessup last night hiding inside a wall in a home near richmond virginia. the sheriff's office said champagne had just been convicted of felony theft last week whether he attacked the deputy who was driving him to the detention center. champagne used his handcuffs to choke and hit the deputy and tried to take his gun before climbing o
in heavy rain, and how to prepare before the storm arrives. >>> well, it's friday, and for many that used to mean leaving the cooking to someone else. but in this tight economy, many people are cutting back. and area restaurants are starting to feel the pinch. abc 2 news cheryl conner tells us about one popular eatery that has been forced to close its doors. >> reporter: for 26 years, the brass elephant in baltimore's mount vernon neighborhood has offered guests a fine dining experience. now the glasses are empty and the seats are vacant because in recent weeks, business has been anything but fine. >> don't know what i'm going to do this weekend. i'm used to being here, you know, running around, you know. talking to some of my regular customers. >> reporter: general manager caliph max says the decision to close came sunday when there were no reservations or the the week ahead. 16 employees have lost their jobs, but they say the closure isn't surprising. >> i've known for quite some time we were under distress, because our clients have not been coming in. >> reporter: management hopes to s
used at the royal pharmacy store on churchville road to buy gas. they were also used at home depot stores in bel air and white marsh. >>> a man is accused of breaking into his neighbor's home and selling the stolen property at a yard sale. police say the robbery victim was driving saturday and saw a yard sale in front of a home in the 800 block of reece road in severn. police say the yard sale items were stolen from her home. police searched the property and arrested david perticone. he says he lost his job and needed money and he thought the house was abandoned. tonight he is charged with burglary and theft. >>> today the greater baltimore medical center got some much needed help. volunteers from the subacute unit at gbmc in towson volunteered their time to help patients. volunteers donated time in several ways at the hospital, including visiting patients, and one volunteer even played the piano. >> i think i relieve their stress sometimes. and it seems to put a smile on people's face when they walk by, they thank me or give me a hi sign. or they clap. some of them sing. some of t
of humidity out there, it has not given us any rainfall across the baltimore area. we continue scanning the skies. there's a chance we could see a late night shower but if we got anything, it's going to be few and far between. for the next couple of hours look for partly cloudy to mostly cloudy skies. a few showers later this evening are possible but for the next few hours are temperatures will an right around 84 degrees. >>> now for a look at tonight's top story. the judge has set a new trial date for the baltimore mayor. the judge postponed the trial on theft and perjury charges now until november 9. her trial had been scheduled for september 8 but it was delayed after prosecutors obtain add new indictment. she's been accused of stealing gift cards from the needy and failing to report gifts on ethics forms. >>> police in pennsylvania say the man who opened fireuring an exercise class at a suburban pittsburgh health club killing three women did not have a relationship with any of the victims. investigators say george sodini had four guns with him. he actually used three of them in the
. >> this is an attempt to use this issue and to use this opportunity when you have a black person as president. >> i'm in opposition of this health care. the government hasn't done anything wrong. >> reporter: today in about 20 states, the u.s. chamber of commerce will begin airing tv ads opposing the obama plan. >> inflated taxes, swelling deficits, and expanded government control over your health. tell congress let's slow down and reform health care the right way. >> reporter: the president's supporters are launching new ads of their own and airing them in the congressional districts of drama lawmakers who are under a lot of pressure to oppose the current health care reform bills. t.j. winick, abc 2 news, washington. >>> good evening, everyone. i'm meteorologist susan schrack. we have a couple of storms around. not necessarily the central part of the state, but we are seeing them over on the eastern shore, a line of them bubbling up. also, we have some out to the west of hagerstown. we may see a few developing in our area yet tonight. temperatures right now are in the low 80s. for the most part. 8
and professionals. they say this is an isolated incident. >> it's a community atmosphere. so many people visit us. however, as a community atmosphere, people tend to try to build that community up. >> reporter: but just as people you meet on the web may not be what they appear to be, the same may be true here. >> he is always around here. he just never acted this way. >> reporter: court records show has a record of mental disorders and once torched a property in taneytown, items he never mentions on his myspace page. >> arts is being held at the carroll county detention center on $7,500 bond. >>> crime has dropped 11% in the state last year. according to a maryland state police report, there was a 20- year low in murders in baltimore city. that's down 17%er from last year. the violent crime in the state dropped 2% in 2008 compared to 2007. 13 of maryland's 24 jurisdictions reported deductions in violent crime. glen burnie's football team will have to forfeit its first game of the season because of illegal practice. according to anne arundel county, school of athletic rules, school teams cannot pr
recognition. unbc top it is list of up and coming national universities according to u.s. news and roll report magazine. to determine its up and coming list the magazine asks the university president and admissions officials to nominate schools that are making improvement on academics, faculties, diversity and facilities. president of the university tells us why he is so proud of the ranking. >>it's cool to be smart. there's a lot of smart students here whether they're in humanities or science. they're working on critical problem inside our society. >>u.s. news placed unbc number four on a list of universities most committed to teaching undergraduates tying with stanford and douglas, princeton, jail and brown. >>>in the u.s. naval academy making the list as one of america's best colleges. the naval academy ranks 5th for best undergraduate engineering program and 19th for liberal arts colleges. if you'd like to read more the edition of college rankings hits news stands next monday. >>>and still on the subject of lists, when it comes to restrooms baltimore's tree month hotel comes in at number t
$100 million to develop an electrical system for a green car. abc 2 news roosevelt leftwich joins us now with the latest. rosy? >> reporter: kelly, the federal funds will go to developing cleaner, greener technology for a rear drive vehicle. gm says it will provide more details in the future. but analysts say this could be the start of something big at that plant. right now the plant is only one of a handful that makes critical transmission parts for gm cars and trucks in the u.s., including parts for the company's hybrid and the highly touted bolt electric car scheduled to roll out next year. no comment today from plant officials or from the union representing the workers at the white marsh facility. but for folks who follow manufacturing in maryland, they're saying the allison plant already had a leg up. >> yeah, made an investment already. this local plant has been involved in everything from creating a product, the hybrid, which is sustainable and a green product, to being zero landfill free, and actually putting solar panels on the roof. >> reporter: any investment in the power
it for those of us standing out here since 9:15 this morning. and if it was a mistake, you correct the mistake and don't go against your customers and lose business anyway by telling us to get off your property when we didn't make the mistake. >> an online disclaimer reserves the right of the store to revoke any stated offer, and to correct any errors. >>> now the forecast certified baltimore's most accurate by weather rate. and maryland's most powerful doppler radar. >> all right. so it poured on the tailgaters for just a bit. but we're going to get the game in without any trouble. >> it's looking good for the game, terry. but absolutely, earlier this afternoon we had that rumble of thunder and a heavy shower. it moved out fast, almost as fast as it came in, right? that's good news for us. but hey, you know what? get the jumbo wide screens ready for the game tonight. i think we're looking at pretty good weather, if you get the barbecue going in the backyard. it's going. we're getting ready for some football, right, terry? >> yes, sir. take a look at the current radar picture. you see the show
-- what he has done for us. >> reporter: during his 46-year career in the senate, landmark legislation from civil rights to health care to education had his fingerprints all over it. >> ideas, and ideals are stamped on scores of laws and reflected in millions of lives. >> reporter: republicans orrin hatch and john mccain were among the first to extend their notes of sympathy to his family. >> so many of his foes embrace him. because they know he made them bigger. he made them more graceful. by the way in which he conducted himself. >> reporter: but his life was not without controversy. >> he has had his problems, but he also did a lot more good i guess than bad. >> reporter: in 1969, he drove his car off a bridge in chappaquiddick, killing campaign worker mary jo kopechne. analysts suggest it ruined any chance of becoming president. but on this day he is remembered for his commitment and long-term commitment to health care reform. >> as long as i have a vote and a voice in the united states senate, it's going to be for that democratic platform plank that provides health care, east and
in your wallet or purse? don't answer so quickly. a new federal study says 90% of all u.s. bills have cocaine on them. that number jumps to 95% in the nation's capital. reporter andrew stack puts the results the test. >> reporter: it's the latest research is correct, this is still the most popular method for ingesting cocaine. not using $100, but rather 5s, 10s, and 20s. dr. rites is attempting to recreate the results inside gw's chem lab. >> this is a technique that was recently discovered at graham cook at purdue university. >> reporter: so for the purposes of testing money off the street, i'm going to go into my own wallet, pull off a couple of the required 10s and 20s, and give them to you, doctor, and tell me what do you find on this money. >> we can do that. >> reporter: while they get to work, we take to the streets, trying to understand how the amount of cocaine on d.c.'s money has grown by 20% over the past two years. >> the high rollers are using, okay. >> reporter: former mayor marion barry has a theory. >> what i can get of the study, washington is no different from other
after comedian broadcaster stephen colbert. the treadmill will be used in a bone density study aboard the international space station. again, trying get it off the ground tomorrow afternoon. >>> the wildfires here athens, greece are finally under control. but the national government is facing harsh criticism today. the media blasted leaders for what they called a poor response to the fires. wildfires have been flaring up around athens for days now, destroying at least 150 homes. >>> well, the promise of help finding a job turns into an alleged rip-off, and now a lawsuit. >>> we'll have details on what prosecutors say was an employment scam. and in a sea of foreclosures, the story of a very special fish. we'll explain. (employee 1) subject: urgent!! bob!! i need the baker file stat!! reply!! still making changes. circle back later!! what's with the yelling? oh, our internet slows down during peak hours so sending e-mails and large files just takes forever. so, we just yell. ben!!! thanks for the flowers!!! i thought you hated me!!! lol!!! semi-colon! right parenthesis! winky emoticon!
plan a special thanks to members of temple oeb shalom that allowed beth toll use their building while the church was being repaired. >>> for a look at tonight's top stories. the agent rookie tony fein says his client was profiled by race. police say the 27-year-old linebacker was arrested sunday after he assaulted a city police officer. security at the light street pavilion thought fein passed a gun to a friend, but it was actually just a cell phone. when police went to investigate, they say fein shoved an officer. fein was released on his own recognizance, and is due back in court in october. >>> baltimore county police say a man shot to death over the weekend may have been killed by someone he knew. scott greenburg was found dead by his ex-wife at his parents' home in owings mills. she was going to drop off their children. police say there was no sign of forced entry, and the doors were locked when the ex-wife got to the home. there is just a little more than two hours left before the government puts the brakes on its cash for clunkers program. we're told there have been some glitch
't have any of the beat-up stuff babies r us is hoping to get out of circulation. but that doesn't mean she won't find some. >> i have a brother and sister- in-law who have five kids. i'm going to call them right away. >> reporter: work is already being done to finalize another government program. some call it dollars for dishwashers. with that you can get rebates for as much as $200 when you buy a new energy-efficient appliance. and if you don't know, you can already get federal tax credits for some upgrades for things like windows and water heaters. if you want, you'll find details on that and all the details we just mentioned on our website, joce sterman, abc 2 news. >>> and now for a look at tonight's top stories. a corrections officer was shot to death in east baltimore. police say erica carr was found inside a car in the 1400 block of kenhill avenue early this morning. that's right next to fort worthing on the elementary school. carr was shot in the head and chest. police have no suspects, more a motive. carr was a correctional officer since 2004. she oversaw the ci
that picked us up, he just gave me a second chance at life. and now i'm not going to take it for granted. >> the men say they survived for more than a week living on crackers and bubble gum. they also sucked fresh water from a tank used to wash fish slime off the boat. >>> well, disney gets into the superhero business. how much they spent to acquire marvel entertainment. >>> plus, another work at home scam to warn you about. this one carries the popular name "google." >>> but first, we'll head outside and get a check on the weather conditions. thurgood high school in baltimore, where it feels like 69 degrees because it is 69 degrees. wow. [ female announcer ] new swiffer wet mopping cloths clean so deep...'s like your old mop's worst nightmare. ♪ [ thunder crashes ] [ man ] love stinks. ♪ love stinks! ♪ yeah! yeah! [ female announcer ] swiffer wet cloths clean better than a mop with new cleansers that attract dirt deep into the cloth and lock it away. new swiffer wet cloths clean better, or your money back. ♪ love stinks! >>> wall street begins the week on a sour note. ever
. they say he used his handcuffs to choke and hit a howard county sheriff's deputy and escaped custody. there is his picture. champagne's family called police to say he had stopped at home. he is considered armed and dangerous. deputy sheriff john chase is at johns hopkins for observation. >>> michael phelps was not at fault in last night's accident in downtown baltimore. as we reported, it happened at the intersection of biddle and calvert streets. police determined today that the driver of a honda accord ran a red light, smashing into phelps' vehicle. phelps was not hurt. the other driver was taken to the hospital as a precaution, but she is expected to be okay. no word yet on what ticket she could get for causing that accident. >>> family and friends gathered in hyannis, massachusetts today to honor the life of eunice kennedy-shriver. during the ceremony, shriver's daughter, maria shriver shared memories of her mother playing football and even wearing men's pants. the sister of the late president john f. kennedy founded the special olympics, talking the lives of millions of people a
is happening. >> i have two pit bulls. >> a light moment with governor martin o'malley as he shows us around his home, showing off the changes that are slowly making this old red brick house a little more green. >> we're trying to just do the simple things that all of us should be trying to do in order to conserve energy and order to recycle more. >> reporter: the goal is to be more environmentally friendly. and it doesn't take much. the o'malleys added the rain barrels to keep some rain runoff out of the chesapeake bay. the water they collect also gives the first lady's the water she needs to grow fresh veggies for the family. one of the biggest changes are solar panels on the flat side of the roof. they'll be you'd to heat the water for the house so everybody who lives here can take a hot shower without hurting the environment. >> some of these things look like big expenses up-front. over time that. >> do pay back whatever the cost was up-front. >> reporter: and the cost of greening up 37 buildings, including government house, is just under 18 million. but the state's department of genera
that they simply can't use. roosevelt leftwich, abc 2 news. >> and again, rosy says the family is getting some help from their church. however, if you would like to help, you can contact st. joseph catholic church in eldersburg, 443-920-9191. >>> five teenagers in anne arundel county are facing armed robbery charges tonight. police say just after midnight, they were called to the town community in glen burnie. the victim told police three young men pointed a handgun at him and took his ipod, cell phone and wallet. the three men then ran to a waiting car. they got away, but not for long. police found the suspects speeding nearby. they were pulled over and arrested. >> don't know what the motive was at this time for the robbery. the investigation is ongoing. certainly concerning to our agency any time you have juveniles involved in violent crimes such as these. >> and we're told all of the teens will be charged as adults. >>> and now for a look at tonight's top story. baltimore mayor sheila dixon says she will not tolerate violence at the inner harbor. police believe saturday night's shooting grew ou
of adolf hitler on his stomach. authorities say he even uses hitler as a nickname. police are still searching for two other suspects. >>> and baltimore police are looking for the driver of a car that was involved in a fiery crash on interstate 83. police say the car was traveling near the ruxton road exit around 2 this morning when it hit a guardrail, flipped, and burst into flames. no one was inside the car when rescue crews arrived. police are asking anyone who saw the incident to give them a call. >>> uncle sam wants american businesses to help fight the swine flu by getting vaccines to vulnerable workers and encouraging all employees with symptoms to stay home. employees are also being asked to help develop strategies to develop swine and seasonal flu, including common-sense things like telling workers to cover their mouths when coughing or sneezing, and washing their hands frequently on the job. >>> well, it is not every night you see city workers firing a gun. in an otherwise quiet frederick county neighborhood. several frederick department of public works employee spent the e
center weather net. live data from the u.s. naval academy from the gilman school mount airy christian, and murray hill middle school in laurel. everybody in the mid-50s and low 50sfor the real temperature. your forecast for the next couple hours, partly cloudy. temperatures will hold in the mid to low 80s for the next couple of hours. it will be cooler tonight. and tomorrow, yes, some more heat and more humidity roll back in. we'll tell you all about it, coming up. >>> and because of the tough financial times, the postal service is considering closing as many as one thousand offices, including phi in the baltimore area. the post office has been struggling with the sharp decline in mail volume as people and businesses switch to the internet for bill paying and communication. the agency is facing a nearly $7 billion potential loss this fiscal year despite a 2-cent increase in the stamps in may. >>> now for a look at tonight's top stories. 10 people are sent to two different hospitals for carbon monoxide poisoning. it happened on the 700 block of shipp friend road in middle river. inves
Search Results 0 to 20 of about 21